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New Harp By Moonlight CD Released - Sep 2014.

harp by moonlight album cover Harp By moonlight is the recent release proving to be another great album by Kim, featuring Celtic harp and other rich instruments such as strings and Didgeridoo. There is something to please a wide range of musical tastes within these tracks.

A recent fan review said of this album - "This is my favourite album, with a sense of maturity, but full of suprises. It kept me listening to see what was coming next".



     Purchase Harp by Moonlight on the Music Page for just $20 per CD (which includes postage in AUS).




Kim is a proficient guitarist who has been performing and writing music for over 25 years, singing and playing at venues around NSW Australia. Kim released her first Instrumental CD, INTRINSIC, in May 2000 which immediately had great reviews both in Australia and overseas.

Her style is a unique blend of Celtic, Classical and Contemporary instrumental music and Kim also plays Mandolin and Celtic harp which feature among other instruments on her albums and in her workshops.

promise album cover The Promise is a long awaited offering to crown Kim's instrumental "Trilogy". It took 5 years of writing and just 3 months of production with producer Andy Sorenson to create this unique work. Kim has experimented with the sounds of various cultures and has been greatly inspired by the music of the middle east. There is certainly something to cater for many different musical tastes on this album. Kim's previous release, JEWEL BOX has also received airplay both nationally and overseas and has been programmed into In-Flight entertainment.


promise album cover promise album cover promise album cover Lullaby, Intrinsic and Jewel Box are the earlier full album releases and also available to purchase on this site.



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