Workshop: Music for the unborn

The Music for the unborn workshop is predominantly for pregnant Mothers. This workshop utlizes lullabies and spontaneous "Live" music in a relaxed environment. This type of music therapy provides many benefits to the unborn child and mother. The objectives of this unique workshop are to:-

Other musical workshops offered:-

The unique musical workshops offered by earthen melodies feature the soothing Harp and Guitar sounds by Kim Cannan.

Workshop 2: Music for Generations

This workshop is aimed more at families and draws inspiration from the rich base of cultural heritages including indigenous Australian. The aim of this workshop is to create a meeting place where music and learning become effective in closing the gap.

Workshop 3: Music for Fun

A popular musical workshop for 0-5 year old Children

As the name suggests, the emphasis is definitely on FUN! WE include a variety of instruments in this workshop and we encourage expression through singing, movement and learning new sounds. An enjoyable workshop for all while your children gain exposure to music at a critical development stage.

Please contact Kim via the contact page for more information and dates on any of these workshops.